There are thousands of thoughts in our minds, on a daily basis and in some case of some people most of them are negative. These negative thoughts may be subconscious, which means there are some thoughts to which we believe subconsciously. A person may believe that he is a complete “loser” or he/she is not “lucky” because that is how he/she was told from the childhood. Having these thoughts in ones mind, may affect the person’s life very directly, as we know the way a person thinks about himself/herself is the way the life is being formed around him/her. So The affirmation is a technique, which will control these subconscious believes and is a way to clear such kind of negative beliefs about ourselves. Affirmations are some short sentences that we tell to ourselves during the day which is believed to bring the saying into reality. So it is believed that spending some time during the day and telling for example that I am a “lucky” person or that I deserve to be happy, will actually make you to be so as by repeating it over and over again it becomes your actual desire. The concentration helps a lot because that is how you clean your mind from your negative beliefs.

Stepanyan Tigran


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