How Ancient Egyptians Packed Food for Afterlife

Yes, you read the title correctly. As weird as it may sound ancient Egyptians prepared for their death dedicating many years throughout their entire lives. Packing food for the afterlife was one of the preparations as well.

They packed meat and poultry in their lavishes as well. Of course, they had to keep the food delicious until the end of their life so they not mummified the food. The process of food mummification took time and was very similar to human body mummification. First, they slowly dried the food with salt, after which they wrapped it and later covered it all with resins.

When a British archaeologist Howard Carter uncovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in November of 1922, among pharao’s treasures he found baskets full of royal feasts. He discovered over 100 baskets. They all had remains of wheat, loaves of bread, melons, and grapes in them.


King Tutankhamun was a lover of sweets which is proven by finding and an eight-inch long jar that apparently once was filled with honey.  Another interesting discovery that made by Carter was finding jars of wines in the tomb. Each of the jars was labeled with a vineyard and the chief vintner’s name, and the year of Tutankhamun’s reign when the wine was made.

The archeologist also found almost four-dozen boxes of meats. The boxes only contained beef meat, geese, and small birds but no fish. The reason of not mummifying fish was the fact that the pharaoh had enough fish throughout his life and only packed high-quality food for his eternal life.


The more one digs into ancient Egyptian culture the more there is to discover about their unique traditions and beliefs.




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