How Much Government Involvement?

Well, it depends. Let’s see. One of my now favorite political scientists Dalton said it was the expansion of political activity that brought disputes to the political spectrum in the first place. No wonder – we all enjoy independence and space. However, the paradox here is fascinating – public does expect the government to undertake actions solving issues concerning environmental protection for one, yet seems like being not very satisfied to discover that government is now a bit more involved in the personal choices they make on a daily basis. This, of course, if one is looking at it from the Conservative Republican point of view. This is not it. Yet another subject of discord is… again… very ironic for a consistent governing process. Both with the Western society and the American Public paying taxes is an issue yet forcing the government to spend more on specific programs, the number of which keeps growing due to increasing variety of issue publics, is something they DO push.

One cannot possibly disagree with Dalton when he states that these are challenges contemporary democracies are facing; challenges that governing processes need to adopt to before unraveling. These are side-effects of social modernization as well the basis of ideological orientations taking such radical shifts away from one another and creating the gap between them. Even though these developments promoted “tolerance towards individual diversity and freedoms,” Dalton continues, “they caused a decline in respect for authority and concerns about social order” (Citizen Politics, 2014, p. 128). He writes this having in mind the religious beliefs people had in the past that no longer play such big of a role in their lives at present. An aspect widely considered in the second piece of work when weighing the pros and cons of the change.

Now having these perceptions in mind the question remains unanswered – so what do we, the people, want? I believe, there wouldn’t be ongoing disputes if the answer to this question was such an “on the surface” one.


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