How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence



  1. Embrace change
    Having the capability to quickly get adjusted is a trait that an emotionally intelligent people possess. They are aware that the fear of change can become an obstacle for achieving their goals and being happy. Thus, they do look for change and shape a plan of action in case of possible changes.
  2.  Know your strengths and weaknesses
    Emotionally intelligent people have a better understanding of themselves. They are able to properly evaluate what they are good at and what they are terrible at. This in its turn means knowing how to apply your strengths and while preventing your weaknesses from holding you back.
  3. Don’t get offended easily
    If you have high EQ it means you know who you truly are and others can’t hurt you easily. As you are self- aware and confident it makes you take things as they are and not get offended even if it means making yourself a subject of jokes.
  4. Know how to let go
    Your mistakes don’t hold you back from succeeding. Emotionally intelligent people take their mistakes as lessons for the future. By doing so they don’t dwell on the mistakes or forget them completely, they are able to grow from them.
  5. Appreciate what you have
    Emotionally intelligent people know that the past and the future are things no one can control. So, you might as well concentrate on the present and be grateful for what you have, even for the little things.



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