Is Obesity Genetic?

A study found out that not all people can have the same result in their body when the environment around them changes, but those who come from a background where their families are obese, they will eventually be obese as well because of their genes. The specific reason of it is that genes make the body to respond to its environment and the gene is the root and the reason of how the body can respond to a certain situation. It also states that a study was made for obese and non-obese people and have found out that the genes in obese people made them to desire eating food more than the non-obese ones. Nevertheless, another study mentions that the first thing that the partitioners of the healthcare do is that whenever they see obese people or people with cancer, they want to see the history of their family to make sure if there is a family member with the same disease. Obesity occurs when one single gene which is named MC4R changes. As we can see, it is genetic and it is interesting to find out more facts about how it is genetic.


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