Lake Gosh

Gosh lake in autumn (photo taken by Gagik Harutyunyan from Facebook’ public group)

Dilijan is one of the largest towns in Armenia’s Tavush province. It is is surrounded by forests. The Dilijan National Park occupies the mountainous ranges in Tavush and is home for numerous endemic animals, as well as plants registered in the Red Book of Armenia. Within the territory of the national park there are two small but beautiful lakes, called Parz and Gosh.

Lake Gosh is one of the small lakes hidden in the forests. If you want to get to Gosh lake, you have to walk 2.5 km up and down the hills through the forests. The road leading to the lake is picturesque. Throughout the hiking you breathe fresh air, enjoy the green beauty of the trees and, if managed, see squirrels. It is a nice way to get rid of city dust and noise, and find peace of mind and calmness there.

There have been recent developments regarding Gosh lake. A company, which owns the lake and the surrounding territories, used tractors and other machinery to “clean” the lake and the surrounding area of trees. The company also plans to construct a hotel and/or cottages in these territories. These activities by the company have already harmed the ecosystem of the lake.

Several activists, hikers, and nature-lovers stood together to reveal more about Gosh lake and to protect it. As a result, now all activities near the lake have been stopped. The activists want to protect the lake and see it in its pure beauty every time they visit there.


Author: Karine Dilanyan


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