Most of the times people go to the movies to spare a small period of their humdrum days to enjoy a pleasant time. In the stressful period of final weeks at the university, my friend and I decided to devote a couple of hours to visit the Moscow Cinema in Yerevan to relax and loosen up. The experience was rather disappointing and annoying than pleasing. The hall was small it could hardly fill 35 people in and even the small distractions could cause irritation.

The film was rated 16+, which means that the kids under the age of 16 should not be sitting on the first row crunching popcorn and spreading its heavily oily smell on the air. I could care less if these kids knew how to chew the popcorn in their mouths, but they think it is their responsibility to crunch and crunch every other minute to distract others around them. My friend Susanna who is less tolerant toward popcorn always says, “Pop-corn fetishizes the art and comprehension of the movie and makes it more capitalistic.” Yes, this phenomenon cheapens the hard work of the movie-making team and is a very disrespectful action.

The obnoxious smell of popcorn penetrated into the air and in a few minutes, my respiratory system became more tolerant toward that stink. My eyes were enjoying the aesthetic beauty of the warm colors combined with the stunning perspectives, when a group of undecided teenage girls entered the room. Two of them sat together and the other one was trying to find a spot next to her friends but the audience had occupied the other seats, all that was left for her was the number of one seat on her ticket. For some reason this girl was hesitating, she was talking to her friends blinding our eyes with the shiny screen of her IPhone. This was disgusting and the audience did not wobble to chide them kindly with a few nice uproars.

The kids relaxed and the movie continued, but the abhorrence of the ill-mannered atmosphere did not leave me alone throughout the movie. This is why I do not go to movies…

When will we start to appreciate art?


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