My favorite one


The painting which I want to describe is a mind- blowing optical illusion. First time I have seen this picture in collection of illusion pictures. The painting is called “Uncle Sam” and the painter of this work is Oleg Shuplyak from Ukraine.  Behind colors, objects or shadows Shuplyak has hidden a second image. At first sight it is noticeable that this picture consists of two different pictures.  So the one is uncle Sam’s portrait with serious face which seems staring at you like in “Mona Liza’s”. In the second part there is a boy sitting on a stone and drawing a little home. Ukrainian painter has used facial features as nose, eyes and mouth to create clear objects for second part of picture. It sounds odd but as we see eyes are homes, nose is a boy and mouth is a stone. On the right side by using shadows painter has emphasized easel. Facial contours are emphasized by brown trees. I was impressed by color transition, in how clear and gentle way he did it. Painter has used standard colors as white, green, blue and brown. By using this style of painting Oleg Shuplyak tried to balance the weight of the two images. I like this painting because it’s not simple each person can see and understand it in his/her own way. What you see at first sight can be deceptive.


Ani Martirosyan


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