This is really driving me insane.

I miss Arabic humor. I miss Arabic tenderness. I miss Arabic food. I miss Arabic traditions. I miss Arabic grammar (even though I hate it). I miss speaking in Arabic.

I miss..


As I have said before, Arabic has a certain tenderness in it. The way it flows through one’s lips and the feeling behind it always leaves me with a warmth that no other language can.


Arabic grammar was a nightmare. I will not go into details of it but here is where you can find some details into it. For every student, who had to go through Arabic classes, I feel you. And to every student who is still going through Arabic classes, my heart goes out to you.


Arabic art is one of the most fascinating things out there. More specifically calligraphy. The way the letters bend and twist and blend in together to create a beautiful artwork is magical.





Speaking of art, Arabic houses have one of the most complicated interior design. And in the Arab world, the more complicated things are always more beautiful. Complications to an extent of course.

~ Morocco ~


~ Syria ~



~ Syria ~ This house was used to film one of the popular tv shows called Bab al Hara. (For those who know the show, this was the house of Abu Hatem)

And what are Arabs without their humor.  Comedy in Arabic feels much easier to accomplish. And it always feels funnier. For me, things in Arabic are always easier to handle. And joking about it in Arabic makes the situation so much better than it ever can be. Arabic made things more bearable.


This is something I had struggled a lot with. Especially when I am speaking in Armenian. 
Ya3ni ~ l7amdella ~ la2 ~  and as much as we try to explain, non-speakers will never truly understand. 
Oh, Mohammad Fawaz? Mohammad Ja’afar? Mohammad Ali? Mohammad Reda? WHICH MOHAMMAD?   
You are a shame to your family if you do not know how to do this. 
In Laws are hard to deal with as it is. Good luck with a Lebanese one. 

But the crucial part of being an Arab is knowing Dabke – national dance. Dabke is very different from the Armenian national dances. Armenian ones are more nurp and calm. Every time I watch an Armenian dance, I feel like the dancers are doing ballet because most of the moves are on their toes and their bodies are mostly relaxed. The Arab ones are more aggressive and you rarely go on your toes. And you always, always, stomp your feet.

During one of our end of year school concerts back in Nigeria (which happened every five years) in a Lebanese school, we had to learn a few Dabke dances. During rehearsals, our choreographer would tell us to stomp our feet as hard as we can, even if we have to break the stage, stomp your feet.

We did, later on, end up breaking the stage. Oops.

Here I have shared some links for you to visualize Dabke. 



A final message. Goodbye. Thank you for your time.





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