Pope Francis opens a laundromat for poor and homeless people

Recently Pope Francis opened a laundromat for poor and homeless people near the Vatican by showing his deep understanding the issues of poor people. For people it’s a great example of showing how to help homeless people. Maybe the easiest way of helping is giving money to homeless beggars, but for truly helping them we need to see their deep hardships and problems.

For many homeless people it’s a shame to live on the streets and the dirty clothes are the first sign of showing that they’re homeless. A little help of providing clean cloths can make them happier and dignified. Maybe couple of coins will make their next two days less hungry, but free laundries will make them cleaner for a long time. People with clean cloths won’t be ashamed of entering public transport, enter a market and even trying to find a job.

Helping poor people has never been an easy task. People constantly ask whether giving money will solve any problem or make their situation even worse. They are lost, desperate and unprotected. It’s a constant struggle of trying to understand their real needs. It’s not hard to help them for your own praise, because they have already lost their dignity to praise you for any help. It’s much harder to help them for them to feel more empowered and dignified. Whether, talking, chatting will make them more happy, then we need to do it more frequently. But it’s very hard to decide which way we can be the most helpful, but a it must always be without any expectations of getting back from it.

Let the example of Pope gives us more hope that we can truly help homeless people and give them hope for their future by raising their self-esteem and dignity that they may lost on the streets.

-Gayane Aramyan


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