“The Promise”

IMG_4465Few days ago the film “The Promise” hit theatres. The film Is an American historical drama starring Chirstian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon. The Promise is about a love triangle that develops between Armenian medical student Mikael (Isaac), an American journalist based in Paris named Chris (Bale) and an Armenian-born woman raised in France, Ana (Le Bon), during the final years of the Ottoman Empire, and during the Armenian Genocide.

This film is the first film shot by Americans that represents the Turkish massacre to the whole world. It became possible to make the movie thanks Kirk Kirkorian (God bless his soul) who donated over 100 million dollars for the production. The whole profit of the film is going to be donated to the charity.

During the premiere of the film in Hollywood famous celebrities as Cher Sargsyan, George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, and other stars were present. Furthermore were all spreading awareness through social media towards recognition of Armenian Genocide.

“The Promise” is a movie that every Armenian must watch and always remember their past.


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