The World Through Windows

As someone who travels at least twice a year, I am obsessed with window seats. I’m also aerophobic and the thought of sitting in a plane really scares me, let alone the thought of flying. As sometimes I travel because I have to, I realized the only way I can get through the long plane flights is by sitting near windows. Windows comfort me because I feel like I have something to look down to or up to, depends on the view.

I stare outside the window through the entire flight which makes me forget about my fear and somehow, someway enjoy my 14-hour flights.

I do take a picture every time I sit near a window on a plane and I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.


From Beirut to Yerevan and I couldn’t help but watch the sunset through the entire flight.


Flying over the Atlantic while watching the sunrise.


New York City View.



Flying over New Jersey (The Garden State)


Although many people who fear flying prefer to sit on the aisle rather than near the windows, I find the view outside magical whether it’s the sky, oceans or mountains. I see sunrises and sunsets, oceans and clouds, mountains and forests, cities, skyscrapers and bridges.  This way, I’d like to think that I’m seeing an entire new world through an airplane window.



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