The youth does not trust

Sometimes I like to digress from my initial passion about law and human rights and follow statistics about people for which those laws will be soon applied: for youth, for my generation. There was a very interesting study published by Friedrich-Ebert foundation entitled “Independence generation” which examines different phenomena and youth perception of them. For this blog, I chose to write about what their research showed regarding trust to different national and political representatives.

The youth follows already rooted practice of distrusting politicians and political leaders. Nearly the half of interviewed youth Distrust-Broken-Trust-Bannersaid they absolutely did not trust any person who was engaged in politics.  In contrast, only negligible 2% of youth could say they trusted those governing agents at some extent.The other interesting finding was the distrust of religious leaders and church servicemen. Nearly 33% of interviewed people said they would never trust the church leaders and workers. We also lack trust in terms of communication with other nationalities. Sadly, only 17% of people said they trusted people from other countries, but the majority of the participants said they would never trust a person not having any Armenian descendants.

689 Blog Armenia YouthI think this all speaks about the homogeneous society we still have. Although being called an independence society means the youth should be independent from biased opinions or discrimination, still those perceptions are visible. I think this data should also interest all the above-mention distrusted groups: politicians, religious servicemen. For politicians, it should be interesting as they mainly recall youth as their future, as their source of power and aim of power and sometimes they even hire volunteers or youth in their parties to participate in their meetings and campaigns so people would believe they have perspectives for youth as well. Religious leaders should also be interested as their main aim should be the enrichment of church with people, with young newcomers for the church traditions and history to survive. Although I can not propose any interest on behalf of other nationalities, I think that the distrust of non-Armenians should interest as-the youth. We all dream of having perfect jobs with a lot of travelling, meeting new people, learning from expertise and education abroad, but we limit ourselves in trust to those potential acquaintances. We, the young generation, sometimes want to have the freedom that teenagers have in other countries at our age but we are also scared to trust people with that freedom. I guess that every one has his or her priorities regarding trust and beliefs and ideas, but we should make sure our dreams match with our perceptions about other people and other phenomena in general.




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