Why Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

1. Tea is simply just perfect for hydrating your body. It is way better to drink tea (hot or cold) on a summer day, than to drink coffee.

2. Tea reduces the chances of getting certain types of cancers and tumours.

3. Tea actually can keep you energized for longer than coffee. It would be a lie to say that coffee contains more caffeine than tea. Although, some brands or types of coffee might have a more caffeine to push people to an adrenaline rush, but that is not healthy, and as soon as the effect wears off, you get dizzy and very exhausted.


4. Let’s not forget that tea is easier to make than coffee. You don’t have to stand there and wait for it to get done. You just boil some water and put your tea flavour in it. Vuala, it is done!

5. It can also help you lose some unwanted few kilograms. Tea doesn’t contain any calories as do the drinks that you buy to quench your thirst (Cola, Fanta, Pepsi, etc.).

6. Tea reduces stress. When you have a bad day, especially at the winters, hot tea, is just the thing you need to fix you up.


Are you still reading? Go and get that sweet tea ready for yourself and your family and make sure it is a good tea flavour!



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