Zanzibar Red Colobus is on of the rarest species of monkeys in the world. These animals only live in Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. Today there are only 3000 individuals left in the world.

The word Colobus comes from Greek word ekolobóse, which means “he cut short.” They were called “he cut short” because there is no opposable thumb in comparison of these monkeys to other primates. The gender characteristics are also very weak expressed between males and females which is a little strange in the wildlife. The females are almost completely the same with males. They have the same sizes, fur colors and outer

The only main difference between genders is that females are two times bigger in numbers than males in one family group. As they live in groups of 50 individuals each, the number of females to males will be around 32 to 18.

Unlike their beautiful appearance, interesting face and colorful fur this spices have a very specific smell which is unusual among monkeys. Because of their smell, the people in Zanzibar have a negative attitude to them and call them “poison monkeys.” They also believe that Colobus has a negative influence on the trees in which they live and feed and because of them, the trees are dying.


Laura Sargsyan



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