This genocide needs to be recognized eventually – Armenian parliament official

The Armenian Genocide must be sooner or later against recognized against the backdrop of the increasing number of world countries, and prominent intellectuals condemning the tragedy – a vice speaker of the National Assembly said today.

Speaking to reporters at the Genocide Memorial Complex, Eduard Sharmazanov also criticized Turkey’s current government for “deepening the divide between true history with and denial”.
He said that he doesn’t expect President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to recognize the Genocide despite the global recognition campaign gaining momentum.
“We see an increasing of countries, local governments, intellectuals, as well as ordinary citizens stand up in defense of human rights, condemning [the Genocide]. And we also observe a new quality. This crime must be sooner or later recognized – those who condemn it to struggle for a bright future,” – he added, hinting to the final point that there is no essential need in pending for Turkey’s recognition, but on the other side, the recognition of other countries will be much more helpful and important.




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