The Little Things: Making Movies

-Max Gouchian

Right, so its been what almost 100 days of the Trump presidency? In all honesty I’m not as concerned at his policies rather his general behavior. I mean we can get angry at his tragic decision making, but a lot of what he has done just coincides with his promises. It’s one thing to disagree with his judgment and another to call him out for taking action. Whether it’s the Muslim ban or “bombing the shit out of ISIS” the man keeps his promises. Of course he’s completely bat shit crazy and should be shot out of the white house in a heart beat.

With a more violent trends taking shape around the world, be it the short Korean guy or the shirtless man who rides a bear, I mean horse, it’s justifiable to be afraid. With that, I like reminiscing about the past. Just like that, no prelude and no introduction. As a matter of fact the whole blog started on the premise of feeling nostalgic of a time when my brother and I danced around a dead raven in Colorado.

I remember vividly wanting to be a film director. I wasn’t really good at it, not in the least. My equipment sucked, the actors were garbage, and the editing software was some Chinese application I had illegally downloaded on my white PC. Despite these shortcomings, I continued to make short films with friends and family. The movies had no plot and encompassed no real substance, back then I didn’t like that aspect of my craft, but looking back now, with a more refined taste in film, I find that at that stage in my life my thoughts were the most free flowing and unabridged. I had no filters or fears, only the will to make movies.

I’m not really sure what it was, back then I watched films for the entertainment aspect, I mean bad films, like really bad ones. Action and adventure movies that really had no “stuff” to them, those were the ones I loved most of all. Of course as I grew up my taste became a little more refined, with Tarantino, Leone, and Kubrick becoming my favorites. These directors all used aspects of cinematography to their fullest extent. Leone pioneered imagery and wide shots of nature and other scenes, Tarantino exemplified this and added a more relative conversational element, and Kubrick did that thing he does with the light… no one else? well I guess it’s just me then.

Anyway, lately Ive started making movies again, and I’ve completely isolated myself from the thoughts and overbearing opinions of others. No. Instead I have allowed myself to become fully immersed in this wild experience. And no, they aren’t that good, in fact they’re pretty horrible, but its the one thing I do continuously that I can be bad at and still keep at it. The whole process of having the film in mind, very key scenes, not even that but shots, specific images that revolve in my brain like a gun ready to implode and release every ounce of creative powder into the deepest crevices of my mind. I love the process of setting up the perfect shot, shaking the camera up and down ever so slightly giving the image a natural motion like feel, the process of focusing on and off of a subject, and then putting it all together during editing.

Doing this is the only hobby or activity I can do nonstop with no sleep or water or anything, just a camera, a good friend, and a subject, its priceless. It doesn’t matter whether the end result is what you had envisioned, it doesn’t matter how poor your equipment is, and it doesn’t matter whether what you made is worthy of praise, as long as you gave it your all and enjoyed the process. Just do, its not about the result but the act of doing.


















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