The reasons to love

My best friend whom I consider my self-reflection, or in a sense, the one who predominantly carries or, at least is able relate to the complexity of my understandings more than anyone I had met so far, now lives and studies in France. So before she left, we used to meet almost every day, sit in a cozy café, and discuss any phenomenon in this ridiculous world starting from the disadvantages of the crush of the Soviet Union, or financial inconsistencies of the today’s labor field, or cultural manifestations of specific geological locations to whether dying my hair will ruin my life. We aspired to keeping ourselves open and stretchy to any opinions and happenings, even if those are hypothetical, and so do now. Resilience, that’s the rule, that’s the way we have chosen to evolve, and that’s why I love her.

Appreciate those who are near, who listen to your stories, and who can teach you something.



Lily Adamyan


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