Statistically, 10 airplane accidents happen annually, which kill not more than 90 people. Each aircraft crash has its own unique history. For example, once an airport crew calculated the fuel with liters and registered the numbers with pounds and the plane had run out of fuel in the open air. Yet what happened with the Aeroflot flight 593 in 1994, was a unique case, which, hopefully, will never happen again.

The Aeroflot flight 593 took off from Moscow to Honk-Kong on midnight, March 23, 1994. 63 passengers and 12 crew members were on the board of the A310-300. Half an hour after the takeoff, the captain set the plane on an autopilot and went to have a rest. Meantime, he let his children sit in front of the flight controls and play with them since the plane was being piloted by computer. At first, his daughter started playing with the controls, smoothly turning them the way the computer was turning. Her brother, on the contrary, started aggressively pushing and pulling the wheel. As he applied force for more than 30 seconds, the autopilot turned off and the plane changed its direction. It caused confusion for the pilots for about 9 seconds, which unfortunately was enough for the aircraft to swing its nose and dive down with a high speed and sharp angle. The g-forces in the cockpit did not let the pilots have a full control over the plane. The co-pilot eventually managed to take the control and correct the aircraft, however, he overcorrected it and the plane ended up vertically hanging in the air. Eventually, it fell down from the sky and exploded. All the passengers and crew members on the board died.

By Artyom Matevosyan


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