Growing Tired of Playing Video Games


I remember back in the day how I used to be really interested in video gaming — reading news, looking forwards towards the announcements of new triple A titles, spending all of my cash on buying games and computer gear, and most importantly spending the vast majority of my time playing computer. Back then, it was all about getting whatever work I had out of my way so I could start playing video games.

Now, it is kind of the opposite. I can go weeks without touching my console and not even have the urge to play a game. On the occasional, super boring days when there is absolutely nothing to do, I may turn my PS4 on and play a game or two on 2k. But no longer do I have the interest to engage myself with a game for a long time. It somewhat has to do with games generally being worse these days in terms of storyline and main offline campaigns than they were, say, five years ago, but it also has to do with me simply growing old and losing interest in gaming in general. It is like when you were a kid and you could play with your toys endlessly and next thing you know they are gathering dust in the garage because you no longer need them and your interests have changed.

I still love video games, though, and if an opportunity presents (a game worthy of playing comes out), I will probably jump the gun to purchase it and play the hell out of it. But right now, there are not many of those opportunities so I will just make do without gaming for a while and will concentrate on things that are much more important in comparison, like my studies or my job.


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