Kinder Surprise

Are you a lover of sweet? Are you a child in your heart? Then think what can be better than the mixture of chocolate and colorful toys? The Italian Company Ferrero realized this in 1974 and created the well-known product Kinder Surprise. I highly appreciate William Salice, the inventor of this product, who died last year.  He ensured my happy childhood. I remember how lucky I felt when my father brought me Kinder Surprises every day after his work. I was collecting all the toys and showed them off in my kindergarten. There was not any toy that my peers had and I did not have. I had all the toys and was proud of them. As a child, I was never tired of the toys of Kinder Surprise and loved the Kinder eggs just because of the toys. However, by the time I have understood that the chocolate also was really tasty and till today I am a lover of Kinder Surprise. That is why I want to talk about its origins and history today.

At the beginning, the Kinder Surprise was known as Kinder Sorpresa. An interesting fact is that Kinder was not the first product that was an egg and a toy inside.  An Argentinean company called FelFort released a similar product in 1962 called Jack. But as you understand the Kinder’s product was so successful that we do not notice the product “Jack” nowadays. The design of Kinder Surprise is fully the design of an egg, and even the capsule of the toy inside is yellow to present the yolk. But it was not like this always. At the beginning, the capsule was in different colors and only in 2000, it changed into yolk yellow. Toys are designed both by Ferrero staff as well as freelance toy designers. The toys are manufactured in Italy and around the world. Though it is marketed for children but there are also a lot of adults who collect them. During any one season, there can be multiple lines of toys available in Kinder eggs. Occasionally, an egg with contain rare, hand-painted figures. These figures are usually of beloved characters such as the Smurfs, Minions, and Mickey Mouse etc.  When I look through my collection of Kinder toys, from their appearances I understand when they were brought.

And also I want to talk about the Kinder’s taste too. The chocolate used in making the Kinder eggs is the same chocolate used in the rest of the Kinder line. However, because of the shape and the thinness of the chocolate, it sometimes seems to be tastier than other products of the Kinder company.


In addition, there is a kind of a new trend. The romantic guys who want to make their girls happy buy a basket full of kinder surprises rather than flowers, such as a beautiful and expensive bunch of red roses. And mostly, the girls are happy for this present. Thus, the kinder surprise exists in all the spheres of our life and brings positive emotions to our daily lives.



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