The Ministry of Emergency Situations in Armenia

Recently me and my classmates visited the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Armenia. It was a great experience to see how they work for the resistance and defense of the country and its citizens. We had a lecture with the major general Nicolay Grigoryan, who is the deputy of the director of the Rescue Service. The first and the most important thing that was discussed in the lecture was about disaster as a threatening phenomenon. The way the country reacts to the accident can say a lot about its consequences as well as its influence on the country’s population and politics. One of the most common disasters are earthquakes. We all know that they are dangerous for people’s lives and for the country’s overall condition; however, it is more harmful when there is a lack of corresponding resources. Because of that there might be wrong predictions, which in turn, may cause to the system’s inappropriate use. As Mr. Grigoryan mentioned “There should be an analysis of each disaster, which will show the real image and the motives/consequences of that certain issue.” Not only has the ministry to provide corresponding resources and support, but also the citizens should know how to behave themselves in every kind of emergency situation. Only through the right approach we can avoid danger and stay safe. Another side of the emergency situations is directly connected to people’s psychology and logic.


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