Things to do in summer

Wonder what you’re gonna do for the next four months since classes are coming to their end. So as to make summer more productive and less boring consider taking up these activities.


I personally hate tanning and now bronze tan is considered old-fashioned. Tan can even cause cancer. Another disadvantage of tanning is that too much exposure to UV lights causes in skin imperfections and wrinkles being responsible for 90 % of aging. There are people who are fond of tanning (or spray tanning) and have white clothing on to accentuate it. Tan may sometimes lead to skin burns, peeling off skin, headaches or fatigue. As a consequence, do not forget about sunscreen which should be separate for face, body, lips and hair. On the other hand it is good for drying acne and the sun can supply you with enough of vitamin D. So, be aware at what time you go to the beach. Let’s get started.

Do some housework


Your desk will not look like the same now as at the beginning of college year. Get rid of old paper piles which stop you from concentrating on your studies. Save a place for keeping them in case you need them in the future. This is a great occasion for rearranging the wardrobe and sorting out old clothes as well when you have plenty of time.

Swim in the pool


Just grab some cold drinks and swim. You’d better avoid distilled beverages which make you even hotter; opt for cold beer or ice-cream. Summer gets unbearable over time.

Go on a vacation


Make sure you have first aid kit, some hygiene products and electronic devices- batteries and chargers. Travel as farther as you can when you are younger. Explore exotic places to view the world from a different angle.

Go out with friends


Spend time with people who share the same interests as you and find out what works best for you.

Have a spectacular summer!












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