When I Felt Myself a Journalist

It was before I took “Introduction to Journalism” course when I used to think of a journalist’s duty just to get notified of an event and to accurately rewrite and present it to the public and to be done with it forever. I used to consider this process boring yet having no experience of being a journalist. Now I believe that time is a great wizard as it makes magical changes along. The course rife with interesting materials and challenging tasks demolished my false perception and engendered roots of love and passion towards the field.


Of course, it is all about having advanced research skills, working at a fast and stressful pace and having good writing skills. While, there is much that lies beyond the tasks. You dig into the bunch of diverse information and expose the little things, interesting and worthy of attention. And so you become enthusiastic to explore them even more and to dedicate a piece of writing to it. You interview people you never met before in your life. Gradually, you understand that each person is unique by nature, like a book that encompasses incredible stories and wise ideas. You become, sounds weirdly enough, a “psychologist-friend”. Usually, some people might behave in a cold manner being self deceived about journalist’s duty. Hence, you try your best to understand each personality to spread that personality with the right atmosphere so that neither the interviewee nor you feel stressed.

And so, I arrived at the following concluion by the end of the course. You change as a person while being a journalist. You are always eager to learn and explore stories. You socialize with various people that share great ideas with you and you start understanding human personality quite better.

They usually call me optimistic, yet, I experienced all of these when I felt myself a journalist.

Luiza Vardanyan


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