12 Angry Men Movie

Картинки по запросу 12 angry men

In comparison to modern movies, the style of 12 Angry Men shot in 1957 may be considered a little outdated. It is black and white and there is very little action happening there. However, it exposes very profound idea of analysis and critical thinking. The point of the movie is to study various perspectives concerning one issue. The process of the movie is performed in one room with 12 people discussing the case. All of them are from different backgrounds, have different professions and experience, which helps them to form their opinion concerning the case. So, it presents different approaches related to distinct facts.

The plot of the movie presents 12 jurors, which after thorough consideration are supposed to announce a unanimous verdict – guilty or not guilty. The indictee is a young man, who is accused of murdering his father. The accusing arguments are based on two witnesses’ testimonies, which according to prosecutor, undoubtedly prove the guilt of the indictee. However, due to new viewpoint implied by one of the jurors, the testimonies are completely reviewed and refuted, what contributes to justifiable verdict.

The film also reveals the relationships and communication between people, during cooperative work. Some of them are more coldblooded and intended to circumstantially discuss the case, while others are acting more aggressively by shouting and insulting the ones who disagree with them. During the discussion, there are considered various important aspects related to the case, such as the motive of the murder, the weapon, the veracity of testimonies. Thus, despite being shot 60 years ago, it is still very educative, spectacular and interesting to watch nowadays.



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