Fountain in any city becomes a favorite meeting place for the townspeople. Near the fountain couples appoint dates, moms with children gather, tourists often take pictures, and it just pleases the eye when in the bustle of everyday life you just pass near it. But there are unique fountains in which water is not flowing.


Fountain Dr. Paper


Fountain Dr. Paper

One student from Kansas was so fond of soda Dr Pepper, that she wrote on her Twitter: “I guess it’s easier for me to get a fountain from Dr Pepper at home, it’ll still be cheaper, considering how much I spend on soda.” A month after Claire Daniels sent a tweet, she received a call from the company. They said that they are ready to fulfill her wish.

 Italian wine fountain



In Italy, people can collect a bottle of wine without paying a cent. In 2016, the local winery Dora Sarchese Cantina opened for tourists and pilgrims traveling between Rome and Ortona, a fountain in which wine flows instead of water. Interestingly, the fountain is open round the clock. You can find a similar unusual fountain in Caldari di Ortona, a commune in the Abruzzo region.

The world’s largest champagne fountain


In 2008, a group of enthusiasts decided to break the world record and make the world’s largest fountain with champagne. The height of the fountain is 7 meters, it weighs 9 tons and consists of 43,000 glasses for champagne. An attempt to break the record was made in the shopping center of the Belgian city of Weinegahem near Antwerp.

The world’s largest chocolate fountain


The world’s largest chocolate fountain is located at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The height of this structure, consisting of 500 stainless steel pipes, is 8 meters. In the fountain around the clock circulates 2 tons of chocolate (dark, milk and white), and jets of chocolate beat at a 5-meter height.


Brazilian fountains with natural mineral water.



Kambukira is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It is famous for its mineral springs, the water from which is considered the best mineral water in Brazil, and throughout America.

In a city located in the mountains at an altitude of 950 meters, you can find seven fountains with sparkling water. The therapeutic qualities of this mineral water combined with the pleasant climate of the region make Kambukir one of the most important hydromineral resorts in Brazil


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