An Amazing Journey Through Journalism

The upcoming week is the last week of my sophomore year. I cannot believe that I will not have my amazing course again. It is already four months I am studying journalism during which it became one and big part of my day, thinking and way of living.


Though the time period is four months, however the knowledge I have gained is forever. That was the most informative and educational course I have ever had because the knowledge itself is for the whole life. Before studying journalism, I had a different approach toward its implementation and meaning. I thought journalism was as simple as it could be: gather information and report news. Now I know that journalism is more than just a mechanical news reporting. It is something, which is beyond the material. If one day someone asks me what you remember from your journalism course, I will answer without a doubt: “Journalism is the only means to raise awareness of powerful and weak, of helpless and hopeless, of rich and poor.”



I realized that to be a real journalist, one must have a keen of observing the surrounding world, and an endless interest to the happening events. Also, one should be brave enough to speak up for the helpless and make their voices respected and heard. We, the young generation, need to break the stereotypical ideas about journalism in Armenia. We should show people, that the real journalists do not lie and do not use their stories to earn money. Instead, we should make them realize that journalists are the ones, who serve their citizens, and who sometimes endanger their lives for the well-being of them.



And of course, my journey would not be as interesting and informative as it was, if my teacher was not Maria Titizian. Thank you dear Mrs Titizian for educating me and for helping me realize the power I have in me. You always kept saying that we are the ones who can change the world, and that we have the potential to do so. You inspired me, helped me overcome my obstacles, and were a wonderful example of both a successful woman, and a carrying teacher. I love you boundless…




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