Be Kind to One Another

Be kind to one another. Every day Ellen DeGeneres ends her show with these words. Perhaps, understanding the reason behind these words is not as simple as it seems. Who can imagine that the woman, who makes everyone happy, who is incredibly funny and is the definition of kindness was once “punished” for who she was. I certainly didn’t. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ellen’s coming-out during her then-popular TV comedy Ellen. This episode not only brought waves of criticism and threats on her, but also quite literally destroyed her career for more than three years. During the time, she faced number of personal hardships and losses as well.

As she came back to TV with the Ellen DeGeneres show, she not only became a comedy icon, but more importantly, an icon of kindness. She seeks to help anyone who is in need and awards acts of kindness, understanding its need in so many people’s lives.

I myself am not necessarily what you would define as “the kindest”, but I do believe that we can at least try to help each other, because at the end of the day that’s all we’ve got. It cannot be denied that if the world had more Ellens we would all be just a little bit better, and just a little bit happier.


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