Cédric Grolet: Rubik’s Cakes

Cedric was born in Firminy, a small French village in the Rhône-Alps region of the Loire. At the age of 12, he started to work in the kitchen and discovered his passion for food. At that kitchen, he decided that he would become a pâtissier. At 13, he began his first apprenticeship in a bakery due to which he gained valuable experience and learned many secrets of the bakery from prominent pâtissiers. Cedric was about 15 when he received his CAP in Confectionary and Ice Cream in Puy en Velay.


Throughout his life, he took part in various competitions and his hardworking character, as well as, the love towards patisserie helped him win many awards. Cédric won the title of Best Apprentice of Auvergne before going on to take third place in the competition for Best Apprentice of France. He won the National Trophy for Sugar Art as well as the first prize at the French Croquembouche Festival in 2005. Responsible for testing and creating various amazing desserts, he co-authored two books with Christophe Adam and Benoît Couvrand alongside parallel duties training the staff at Fauchon’s new locations worldwide, from Dubai to Morocco. In 2011, Cedric joined Le Meurice Restaurant as sous chef pâtissier, where his skills are centered exclusively on the precision-dressing of the desserts on the plate.

One of the most unique desserts created by outstanding pâtissier is Rubik’s cake. The cakes are designed the same way as the famous game Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Using different toppings, sugar syrups and other ingredients necessary for desserts, Cedric creates real masterpieces of cake art.



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