Dear Professors, We Love You So Much

I know that one of my wonderful group-mates has written about our year-end project, but I feel that I also want to share my impressions and feelings with everybody.

Everything started in the CSS , during our first group meeting. Me, David (Pashinyan), Anna (Arzumanya) and Armik (Israelyan) were thinking about our group topic and it was very difficult to pick up an interesting one and do a wonderful multimedia project. We were sharing different ideas for about  1.5 hour and we were almost worried when David suddenly announced that he is interested in our instructors (what are their interests, their personalities, what are their fears or the things that make them happy)  and suggested to do a project about our wonderful professors. Everybody immediately agreed and we started to make a list of professors and think about the format of the project. We were very excited. Once Ms. Titiizan approved our topic, we gathered together and created a plan how to do a multimedia project.

We wanted videos, photos, interviews and texts. Here we go. Our goal was to be creative, to discover the hidden personalities of our professors and create a professional multimedia project. I have a professional camera, we’ve found a microphone and we created a website by ourselves.

You cannot imagine how wonderful were the interviews with the professors. They were so kind, they were ready to talk about their interests, difficulties , share their stories. We see them every day , but we don’t go deep and try so see what is in their mind and in their hearts.

They are people who inspire us.

They are people who educate us.

They are people who care about us. 

What else can I say.

Dear professors, we love you so much.


Enjoy and discover them “Behind the classroom”

-Arpine Haroyan


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