Exam Alert !


Exams are coming, and everyone is in the panic! The exam’s grade usually has more weight regarding percentage, and the overall grade of the subject depends on it. Nevertheless, course grading technique based solely on an exam is not so accurate and precise to judge students’ performance.It will be grade if grades based on exams and class participation together are considered to estimate student`s knowledge.
Grading system which is based more on class participation is fairer and reliable for students. It will be one of the reasons to make them do their best to study the whole semester not the night before the exam. It will motivate them to be more careful in classes and raise their opinion during discussions. It will not only be beneficial for students but also for instructors. They will surely make their class more interesting.
Then, exams are not accepted from the society as it is needed. The majority of students think that exams are stressful things. The fact that their final grade is mainly connected with their exams’ grade is quite maddening. It will make them feel depressed and should have a harmful impact on their health and attitude towards exams.
Furthermore, when instructors only depend on exams to judge how well students perform, they will likely to miss something. Students who do not attend class at all may still get a good grade.
I hope that in near future class participation will be more appreciated and viewed than just an exam’s grade.

-Mariam Khachatryan


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