Falter’s Inferno🔥

Do you dare take a look in the mirror, a ride through today’s living hell?

Dante Alighieri, a well known and significant figure in early literature, was an Italian poet who wrote the epic poem called Divine Comedy in the fourteenth century. Divine Comedy commences with a part called Inferno, which translates into hell from Italian, and Inferno is later followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. So, the poem is basically Dante’s journey from Inferno to Paradiso, from hell to paradise with a purgatorial middle. In Inferno, Dante portrays hell in nine various stages of suffering, however, what’s striking is that this hell is located within the Earth. In fact, it is the “realm of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen.”

An independent Austrian newspaper agency, Falter, was inspired by the story when they launched into their Inferno project. By working alongside Salon Lapin, a visual production studio, they visually and graphically recreated Dante’s Inferno on their website, by portraying those eight layers of hell prevalent in the 21st century. Their main purpose was to demonstrate the literal hell of the modern world; how people are trapped in the smartphone jails, how people lack courage to speak out, how people blindly follow the “puppets of power” and how food factories are poisoning us and leading to our decease. Every layer of hell is shown through unbelievable and fascinating graphical illustrations and they all contain appropriate and wonderful descriptions at the top of the page.

Falter’s Inferno project is actually a website which is easily accessible and must be seen by absolutely everyone. Despite the negativity of comparing our modern life with the eight layers of hell as portrayed in Dante’s Inferno, by reading the descriptions and seeing the incredible graphics, everything starts to make sense. There is utter honesty and truth to the illustrations and descriptions, and it truly tells you what is going on in our world at this particular moment. The website indubitably is meant to open our eyes to the issues we tend to ignore, and I think that the project is absolutely mesmerizing and I’m eternally happy to have stumbled upon it and I hope that you check it out and love it as much as I did.

Sinara Isoyan

references: http://falter.wild.plus/#en; https://thefwa.com/cases/falter-inferno; http://historylists.org/art/9-circles-of-hell-dantes-inferno.html


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