Front row seat.

I initially came to Armenia for a month. However, after realizing that I’m going to stay here for a while, I had to change my lifestyle. I used to go out everyday, took taxis wherever I went and spent all my money in Vernisage buying everything that had a pomegranate or Ararat on it.

One of the changes was taking mini buses to and from university. Since university is somewhere that I have to go to everyday taking a taxi to and from was not a practical choice.

Getting used to mini buses was not easy.
I am a lazy person so the fact that the bus stop was far from my house annoyed me very much. I didn’t know which numbers to take, I only took number 4 and had to walk for a while. I often got on wrong numbers and got off on the wrong bus stops. I was too shy to tell the driver to stop “Gangarum bahek” and hoped that someone else would get off on my stop aswell so I wouldn’t have to yell that dreaded words.

After a while I made two discoveries. The first one was that number 46 dropped me off way closer to my house and the second was that my house although did not have a bus stop in front of it but if I stood there and waved to the bus drivers they would actually stop.

Now after I finish my classes I take the 46 and go home. I always make Galin, my friend, wait with me even though she can literally take any bus that goes to Mashdoc.

Not only do I have the confidence to say “Gangarum Bahek” now but I also sit next to the driver (something I don’t see many girls doing) I get many weird looks from the drivers and other people on the bus and bus stops. But I place my comfort above everything and I’d rather sit in the front comfortably instead of standing in the back with my back arched and almost falling every time (don’t get me started on the looks the passengers give me when I’m falling. HELP ME FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.) I still don’t know if it’s called a Marshutni or Marshutka but I still consider my self the Queen of Marshutnis/Marshutkas.

Marshutni/Marshutka Queens sitting in the front row seats.

-Random Thoughts Of Nanar.


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