There’s one week left of classes and while some may go off on extravagant vacations, leaving them little time to do anything, many of us will spend our days with our bae’s named Netflix. After a few days if catching up on your favorite TV shows, you’re probably going to be looking for new shows to watch. I just started this show but I love it already. As the title says, it’s called Girlboss. It follows a very loose retelling of actual events. I knew little to nothing about the show. I had read the book but I didn’t know if it had any connotation with the show. After the first five minutes of watching it- I absolutely loved it. The show follows the life a struggling girl named Sophia on what seemed to be the most unlucky day of her life. After getting a letter of eviction from her landlord and getting kicked out of her job, she doesn’t lose hope in life. She goes to a vintage clothing shop and finds a leather jacket for $10 which later sells for over $650. This becomes the start of her becoming an unlikely businesswoman. As the title suggests, it’s a girl who learns to become her own boss and take over life. Being a light-hearted show full of laugh worthy moments, it serves an an inspiration for many.


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