How to avoid stress during exams week?


     The exams week is coming, and everyone is experiencing the stress it is gradually generating inside each of us. Undoubtedly, the constrained feelings are the result of the test we are going to take. The uncertain sense, whether the test is going to be easy or challenging turns our mental condition into a more confused state of being. If we let our fears go deeper into our mind, we will most probably loss our stable condition and will not be even able to be prepared for the exams. That is why it is important for one to realize that he/she has to follow some tips for avoiding the stressful situations.


     When you are studying, and the stress comes over you again by preventing you to concentrate on your work you have, you really have to take a five-minute break and listen to classical music. It helps a lot. When you listen to a quiet classical music, your brain focuses only on that music and forgets about the stressing factors. After you listen to it for five minutes, it stays in the impression of music, and you can easily continue your studies.


     If you want to have a good result on a test, but at the same time not suffer while revising the material you have to start earlier. It means you cannot remember everything during one night (Maybe there can be cases when you can 🙂 ) however final exams contain more information and to remember them all you have to start soon. That is why if you are reading this, after you do so, immediately go to your room open the textbooks and start the revision process. It is difficult; however, when you finish and go to write a test you realize that it was that much worthy to study that hard.


     Finally, during the preparation days try to get enough sleep. Do not overuse your brain and abilities. If you do so, you will not be able to continue the productive process of revision. You have to plan how you have to repeat everything. In that, way you will not fail to sleep your eight hours.


     You can do more than you think you are capable. Do not stress that much, and remember that afterward, you will have great summer holidays spending at the shore of the sea under the bright sun. 🙂

Amalya Hambardzumyan


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