I dare you to!

Time flies so fast if you’re not running you won’t catch up. Intimidating – I know. Turn around only if you want to see how far you’ve come. We have the tendency to keep holding on from what we think is dear to us. I’d say – let go.

Yet another year draw to its anticipated end and I checked quite a few of the insane items of my “absolutely no way” New Year’s resolutions off my list. Well, that was quick. I’m left with a few to go. #UpdateRequired.

Once I was asked to name a successful individual who didn’t have a “step to step” plan of how to get there. I never found one. That’s when I realized I had to grab a piece of paper and a pen. I scribbled “I dare you to” on top and listed everything I thought I needed to do to be standing where I wanted to in a couple of years. Guess what? Once I had it all planned everything happened in an instance leaving me out of breath. It’s true – thanks Jobs! Ones who are crazy enough to think they can make a difference are the ones who actually do.

Now… I dare you to be the one!


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