Pirates in the Caribbean (Ahoy Matey!)

Caribbean sea, so beautiful and wondrous, yet so dangerous and deadly for those who would try to unveil its secrets. Piracy began in early 1500’s and had its end in the 1830’s when colonies from Western Europe and North America started combating the pirates and pushing them out of the wild seas. 12858_thumbnail-1024.jpg

There were several pirate seaports in Port Royal (Jamaica), Tortuga and in the Bahamas.

Pirates were often experienced former sailors who were also called “buccaneers” which came from the French word “boucanier” (an individual who smokes meat on a wooden frame set over a fire). Pirates would sail in the seas, plundering and capturing English and Spanish ships. They would kill the crew members and take the captain in slavery to sell him off for a good prize to the government if he was representing a certain nation.

In the 1560’s piracy became so dangerous that Spain decided to make an agreement for a peace with England and make convoys. Convoys are several ships following the main (leader) ship so they can be safe from pirates. The one problem the pirates had was that they had to be constantly in sails and they were drinking so much rum that they would often not be sober enough to put up a good fight. pirates25

They would often even kill one another instead of sharing the loot together. The captain would take somewhere around 40% of the loot and to keep their treasures safe, they would go to small separated islands and stash the treasury deep under the ground.

Some day I will dig out a treasure chest, I just need to travel to the Caribbean and I am looking forward to it!! ae898e54ed85047525bdfdbe1926cf57


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