Strange fashion trends

History knows a lot of cases when a new fashion for clothes, shoes and even hair was the main topic for scandals. Today, a short skirt, super skinny jeans, shoes on an incredibly high platform and even hair, painted in bright colors, will surprise no one. But crazy fashion-mongers still attract increased attention with the way they look.


       Torn tights

       Torn tights or tights with holes unexpectedly turned into a real fashion trend, which was very quickly picked up by stars and beauty bloggers. By the way, this trend considering the current crisis will allow a lot of women of fashion save money on pantyhose.


       Black lips

       In the spring during the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London, models of the largest Houses surprised people with extremely dark lip make-up. Fashion bloggers and buyers have already accepted this makeup as the main trend of the spring-summer. So women of fashion can bravely stock up on lipsticks in shades such as ripe plum, bitter chocolate, bordeaux, and flowers that barely differ from black.


      Blackout tattoo

       Among the fans of tattoos, a new trend is gaining popularity – painting the body parts in black. Sometimes these tattoos are decorated with light patterns or clear geometric lines. Such drawings will make it possible to hide old experiments with tattoos, but it should be noted that it is almost impossible to remove them.


       Nails with pom-poms

       More recently, on Instagram a new trand started to appear. A photo of a nail art decorated with colorful soft pompons. Masters of manicure and women of fashion quickly picked up the trend and began to decorate their nails with big and small pom-poms of different colors.



       Drawing patterns on yor hair is a trend for the bravest, which is just starting to gain popularity. With the help of stencils and various dyes, you can create amazing patterns on your hair that will definitely make others to pay attention to you.


      Burning the hair

      The new Brazilian method of treating split ends, which consists of burning hair. This trand is rapidly gaining popularity around the world (by the way is also being done here in Yerevan). The best hairdressers in Brazil say that during the burning, the tips of the hair are being sealed, so that dry and dull hair look alive, shiny and healthy.


       Colored eyebrows

       Recently, professional makeup artists are paying more attention to the shape and appearance of the female eyebrows. The stylists and beauty bloggers went further and introduced a new trend in fashion – bright colored eyebrows. Of course, such eyebrows will look inappropriate in a day-to-day make-up, but they will help in creating a unique evening image.


      The Fantasy Eyeliner

      Eyeliner is back in fashion. However, the stylists have gone further and offer women of fashion not to confine themselves to the usual black contours, but to paint eyelids with interesting and unusual lines.


       Colored eyelashes

       As you know the fashion is cyclical and colored mascara, popular in the 90s again returns as a tool for the leading stylists. The most fashionable colors are green, blue, lilac and pink.


       Mesh dress

       A large mesh as the base of an evening dress is the main trend of last summer, which, however, not every girl can decide to wear.


       Shiny armpits

       In response to males decorating their beards with sparkles, girls from all over the world began to spread photos of their unshaved armpits covered with glitter. An unexpected trend has come to the liking of many stars and feminists who oppose the sexist standards of beauty.


       The braids

       Fashionable braids suddenly moved from the female heads to the male heads. Leading hairdressers recommend that men grow their hair and decorate their hairstyles with stylish braids.



Inesa Nadarina
Section B


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