The Armenian Talent in Cinematography

I turned on a 27 minutes long film which I had to discuss in my final paper from Armenian Language and Literature class and was preparing myself to be attentive despite the expected boredom. All I knew about the film was that it is black and white and that no speeches are used in it. What I failed to take into consideration was that the director was Artavazd Peleshyan, now one of my favourite film directors.

The film is called “Four seasons” and it is actually black and white. I had just started to watch it, but then suddenly it ended so quickly I could not believe that half an hour had passed. I was under strong impression and started to search all the articles about Peleshyan and his film. In one of them I found Tigran Mansuryan’s quote about Peleshyan that so accurately described my feelings. “Image, music, sound, background noise. How amazingly Artavazd harmonizes all of this.” («Պատկեր, երաժշտություն, ձայն, ֆոնային աղմուկ. ինչպե՞ս է համադրում, ներդաշնակեցնում այս բոլորն Արտավազդը. շշմեցուցիչ է:>>).

The film tells no specific story, it just pictures an Armenian village life with its difficulties, dangers and beauty. Just motion pictures perfectly combined with music. Peleshyan says it is about everything; not only the seasons, people or nature, but about everything.  

I am thrilled about the film, but I am ashamed that I had not been familiar to Peleshyan’s works and talent before. I recommend everyone who has not done that yet to watch the “Four seasons”, I am highly confident that you will improve your opinion about the Armenian talent in cinematography.  


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