The Art of Saying “No”

I’m sure many of you including me have said “yes” to something you wanted to say “no” to. But have you said yes because you felt like you had to? Or were you too shy to say no?

I want to master the art of saying “no” because I say yes to almost everything and then I regret it. I say yes to going out with friends when I’m busy, to calling people even though I have million things to do, I even say yes to attending meetings I’m not interested in. Sometimes I say this word out of guilt, or I feel like I have to. But the question remains, how do we actually say “no” without offending or hurting the other party?

First of all, just say “NO” don’t say “maybe” or “possibly” or “sure.” Being direct is powerful because misinterpretation is not possible. However, keep in mind to stay respectful. You NEED to know you can’t  and are not obligated to please everyone. It’s exhausting to say yes to everyone and everything therefore, you need to know when and how to say “no.” You also have to prepare yourself to say “no” think about it, do you have time? Do you really want to say yes?

You should also avoid details, you don’t have to explain yourself when you say “no” because you may be talked out of your “no” and suddenly your “no” turns into “yes.” Be short and strict but also be careful not to hurt the other person’s feelings.

The art of saying “No”not only helps you stay productive but it also reduces your stress therefore, we should all learn when to say “No.”


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