The End

The final week of our sophomore year approached. We have only a few days until finishing this semester and becoming juniors. I am sure most of you are thrilled and joyful because the summer vacation is closer and closer. So, what can I say? This was a great and difficult year. We experienced lots of new things, we rediscovered ourselves and our abilities. Most importantly we became better writers. With the help of all the essays, stories, blog posts, we improved our writing skills and enriched our vocabulary which is literally awesome. Many of us maybe have already decided what really they want to do next year. That choice is one of the most challenging and important decisions in our life, so we better think thoroughly about it. I mean, after two years we will graduate the American University of Armenia and will have a strong desire to know which way to go. All these days spent in the beloved university gave all of us lots of strength, confidence, matureness, the sense of being a part of the team, the feeling of finally becoming an individual. I really hope that this academic year was as beneficial and productive for you guys, as it was for me. Many things changed in my life and I am grateful to stay who I was, while constantly being developed and educated. I am sure that the next year will be even more astonishing and effective than this one. Finally, I wish you the best vacations, enjoy your time and stay cool!


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