“We are going to have a rock festival at AUA,” Diana from student council said some three weeks ago after giving a presentation about rock music during our Armenian language class. “We are going to invite Nemra, too,” she said. And then I had an amazing feeling that my favorite Armenian band is going to play at AUA. It was probably 2013 when I heard about this band. I thought their work was astonishing; an Armenian band composing in English, with beautiful music and with indescribable energy. Their each new song was a happiness to me. Their songs bring a beautiful feeling to me, though usually melancholic. But who cares? Melancholy is pretty. Melancholy is honest. And honesty is the reason why they succeeded.17992070_1384811631580639_8792420130078478901_n.jpg So, the day of the fest came, but I had a deadline the day. The luck was on my side. Our instructor extended the deadline. When the concert started, I was bored as hell because the first band was really horrible to me (sorry not sorry).  Then came Euphoria (the girls are so amazing and at the same time very strong). Then finally Nemra. I had been wondering how they chose their name until I saw an interview when they said it is Armen backwards. Everything is backwards with them, even their album Mubla, which is backwards for album. Turns out security had not let them in and they had almost been leaving. When Nemra started playing, it was an euphoric moment for me. We went at the front of the stage and started dancing. People were still in their seats, but gradually they heard the cool rhythm of music and us dancing happily and joined us. It is true, there is nothing special in this. But there are moments when you feel so happy and energized that the little dance under the music of your favorite band, the happily dancing friend next to you, the smiles, the lyrics of the songs, the feelings are so special to you that you forget about the existential crisis you have had for months and feel the moment. This is what life means, through the boredom we live in everyday, there are simple moments which are extraordinary. It may not be a concert, it can be the little smiling kid in the metro, the playful dog or the cat in the streets, the sun which is going to “sleep” at the end of the day leaving its last rays on the buildings of Yerevan, the smell of fresh green grass and flowers at the middle of the spring. These are just all beautiful moments. Enjoy the little pretty moments at the midst of this horrible world.

P.S. And enjoy some Nemra too


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