The Final Post?

In today’s post, I am not going to talk about covers of famous songs, political issues or healthy diets. Today’s writing is more like a thank you letter. As the sophomore year at the American University of Armenia(AUA) is nearly over, this may be the last post of mine on thecriticalspace. As this could be the last time that I am given an opportunity to be posting on this page, let’s use this chance to wrap-up the year.

Introduction to Journalism was one of the most significant and well-organized courses I have taken at AUA. Although at first, it seemed that the course is going to be a little bit boring, after getting the very first assignment(a hard news story), it turned out to be an interesting and important course. We(students) collected a background knowledge about writing honest and unbiased stories, leading an interview, and taking into account the ethical side of journalism. All of these skills are crucial for our future careers, regardless of how many students from our class are truly going to become professional journalists.

Personally, for me, the most captivating part of the course was writing a blog post. Thecriticalspace gave us a chance to express our emotions, thoughts, and opinions about topics that we believe are essential to be talked about. Moreover, I am pretty sure that there are going to be students that will continue blogging, but this time, in their own blogs.

Special thanks to Mrs. Titizian and Ms. Amalia for organizing and leading such a substantial course.
And good luck to those who will be continuing this blog next year.

-Sona Azatyan


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