The Important Desicion


I remember the time when there remained only a year to finish the high school. I was in front of a serious decision. Maybe this decision is the most important decision that I have made in my life until today. I had to decide what university I want to enter and in what profession I see myself in future. This was really hard. Knowing about the American University of Armenia, I wanted to study there very much because I admired a lot the building, I was very glad to study all the subjects in English, and step by step talk in English fluently, and all of my friends were sure that they want to study there. But there was a problem. I wanted to become a lawyer. I like everything that is connected with law and the people surrounding me told me that I could be a good lawyer. Unfortunately, as you may know, the AUA does not have the major of law, and I did not know eighter to chose the university I want to study in or the profession in which I see my future. Besides, my parents who are doctors wanted me to enter the State Medical University of Armenia. Honestly, I do not like medicine but I did not want to insult my parents. My thoughts were really in mess and I didn’t know what to do. My friends started to prepare for their entrance exams and I was still thinking.
Then I remember, one of my friends occasionally said to me it would be better for me to apply for Law University because it is very difficult to enter AUA and because of my laziness I cannot do that. These words became a motivation for me to enter AUA. This time I firmly decided that I will study in AUA, and started to prepare for my exams. The positive thing was that my parents were supporting me and didn’t force me to apply to Medicine University. After 2-3 months I was ready for the exams and I passed them. Then came the time when I was in front of another important decision; what major to choose. After discussing this question with my parents we decided that the most convenient major for me is English & Communications.

Although I know that others’ opinions should not decide how your life will continue, but I am happy that I was motivated by this words and chose AUA to be my university. I enjoy studying here. Although sometimes, it is very hard to manage to do all the assignments and be prepared for the midterms and finals, it is very interesting to study here. The atmosphere here is completely different from other universities in Armenia. Also, I am sure that these years spent here will help me to have a successful career in future.images


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