The most entertaining facts about balloons

Balloons -very bright and quite affordable way to show their attitude to them. Regardless of the receiver’s age, multi-colored balloons invariably evoke good-natured emotions and allow a person to feel themselves in a special way.

1. Before the spread of the balloons known to date, earlier with the same purpose people filled the air with bubbles from the intestines of livestock – cows and sheep.

2. In the 1970s, silver metalized balls were invented. Their first application was recorded in the New York Ballet. Made of a fairly durable material (metallized nylon), these products are more expensive than their latex counterparts.

3. The very first balloon in the world, which was filled with hydrogen, was released into the sky in Paris from the Field of Mars on August 27, 1783. The idea was prepared and implemented by the inventor and scientist Jacques Charles. By the way, in honor of Charles subsequently began to call ballerries any balloons filled with other gas lighter than air.

4. The first rubber ball was made by the English physicist-experimenter Michael Faraday in 1824. The plan was carried out with a pair of sheets of rubber with tightly pressed together to each other ribs.

5. Few people know, but helium balls were originally invented with the help of the space industry. For example, the Soviet Vega-1 and Vega-2 probes in 1985 and in fact dropped the helium balls … Where would you think? In the atmosphere of Venus!

6. Latex balls are biodegradable.

7. Airships and balloons were actively used in the first quarter of the twentieth century: they were assigned the functions of protection against the attack of enemy aircraft.

8. The first major catastrophe suffered in May 1785 a balloon in the Irish Tullamore. After the crash, a major fire broke out, destroying about 100 houses. 9. The unexpected sound of a bursting ball can scare almost anyone. And this is not surprising since the collapsing ball creates a real supersonic impact. After appearing in the inflated sphere of the hole, the air begins to be released outward so quickly that the opening grows practically with the speed of sound in the rubber exceeding the corresponding speed in the air. This difference leads to a supersonic impact.

10. Latex balloon, which appeared in the sky, can calmly reach a height of more than 5 km. After that, as a rule, it freezes and collapses into fragments, scattered, again falling to the ground. It is noticed that some animals occasionally consume these latex residues without any harm to their health.

11. The record for the launch of the largest number of helium balls belongs to the English Disney Park. August 27, 1994, at the presentation of the animated blockbuster “Aladdin”, 1592744 balloons flew into the sky. The launch was attended by 2 thousand people. Colin Renwick supervised this magnificent act.

12. The largest voluminous figure of 80 thousand balloons was created in the form of a robot in Singapore. To implement this grandiose project, the effort of 50 people who worked for 42 hours!

Kristina Kotanjyan


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