The right position

A study done in 2003 by Israeli Doctor Dov Sikirov suggests that the squatting positing is the “most satisfactory” for pooping. The research compared 3 three different positions, such as sitting on a toilet 31cm (lower seat) and 42 cm(standard seat) high and squatting, the last of which proved itself to be the most effective one. The volunteers participating in the research as test subjects reported that pooping while squatting takes an average person 50 seconds to finish, while pooping in a sitting position takes approximately 130 seconds to complete. Additionally the research concluded that the sitting requires “excessive expulsive effort” in comparison to the squatting position which is less intense.

The effort and the time required to poop by sitting or squatting is explained by the muscles around the rectum. The main factor is the puborectalis muscle, which is looped around the rectum, similar to a sling the puborectalis muscle creates a tight angle aka the anorectal angle by pulling the rectum forward. When pooping the puborectalis muscle relaxes and it results in the widening of
the anorectal angle which allows the faeces to come out.

The squatting position allows the anorectal angle to widen more and creating a straighter passage through the anal canal which results in a more quick and effortless pooping.




-Gayane Hakobyan


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