When comedy has more power than news agencies

Everyone loves comedy. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and it’s news worthy. Sometimes we even avoid to read serious news articles or daily breaking news, because it’s full of negativity, ambiguity and biases. It seems that the role of comedy became more than important.


Today media has tremendous power in politics, however it has always been under attack. The most effective attack on media is spreading fake news. Not only spreading face news, but also constantly convincing the truthfulness of it. News readers do not check the facts and usually trusting news agencies which is a normal process, because source checking requires a lot of time and energy, and sometimes there are facts which are impossible to check.

As the news media has the mission of spreading the truth, here comes the comedy which is an affective tool against fake news and propaganda. Comedy can constantly mock and laugh at fake news, whereas serious news agencies can not afford it. If we look at the administration of President Donald Trump, many  news agencies , such as CNN, NBC, they usually fail to handle interviews, debates, because the president administration is constantly talking about non relevant topics, spreading fake news and analyzing information not critically. All this done to protect the president. This is not beneficial for news agencies, because every interview, debate fail to convey its purpose and eventually turning the news into nonsense.

In this sense comedy can sacrifice many aspects of news. Comedy has more space for creativity and freedom. For instance, the Saturday Night Live (SNL) or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are successfully rebelling against fake news. Before and after the elections they had a certain position towards politics and they have never hidden their political inclinations. That way they gained more power of presenting the U.S. political reality.


News became vital part of our life, but there are certain political situations where they can be under attack. So it’s always important to value the true place of comedy when it comes to fighting against fake news.

-Gayane Aramyan


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