Blogger’s Block Unblocked

If you’ve been following my post, you’ll be aware of the fact that I suffered a severe case of writer’s block last week. However, after several days of mostly writing final essays (in between group assignments and quizzes, of course), my writer’s block has vanished. As with many things in life, sometimes you need to be put into an extreme situation to “recover” from something, so to speak. Some people cure their depression by going to live on a mountain in Tibet for a year, others boost their immune system by taking ice-cold showers every morning, and some even cure stomach ulcers by drinking home-made vodka on an empty stomach. I know these comparisons are pretty extreme, but so was a week of having to write multiple essays when I couldn’t even type out 250 words for my previous post.
Nonetheless, my motivation to write is back, and it’s stronger than before. And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve actually had fun writing my assignments – sure, it’s been tiring, but the different topics I’ve covered for different courses gave me so much new, interesting knowledge. In fact, I feel weirdly thankful. Sort-of. To some extent.
This got me thinking about students’ approach to learning. It’s almost as if we’re internally programmed to dislike studying, especially if it includes extra assignments. But what if each and every one of us tried to enjoy learning more? And I don’t mean just for the benefits of a higher GPA – I mean on a deeper level, just for the sake of knowledge.


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