Drugs *cocaine*

People use drugs for several reasons:  for escaping from reality, for altering the way they feel, and most of all, for modifying the situation. From all of the drugs, cocaine is a leading one. It is a fatal and alarming drug.  The use of cocaine leads to tolerance, it is the culmination of euphoria, which unable the person to get free from it.
“You believe that coke will increase your perceptions, that it will allow you to surpass yourself, that you will be able to control things. It’s bloody nonsense. After a while you don’t pay your bills anymore, you don’t wash yourself anymore, you give up your friends, your family. You will become defenseless and alone.” —Nigel.


This saying is the true definition of the affects of cocaine. This claims that, cocaine makes a person invincible, but it’s an imitation, it’s not real. It contributes to the ruin of a person, to the loss of the relatives. One starts to lose them, because one creates another world which separates him/her from reality.  Also, it’s the cause of the “happiness” and depression…


Cocaine is taken together with other drugs as well. Like marijuana, heroin and so on.  People who use it have problems with eating and sleeping. This drug can make people feel suspicious, distrustful and afraid of others. It also intervenes the direction of the brain processing chemicals, and the taker of this drug get more and more addicted to it, because he/she needs more dose of it for feeling normal.

There is an interesting story about the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, towards cocaine. He assigned cocaine to his patients, he had no idea that it leads to dependency and sometime to death. He, himself also was taking cocaine as a painkiller.  So, the influence of this drug is harmful and dangerous. However, it is “the best way” to “handle” life barriers, one should understand that it is risky for life.

Author: Anna Amiryan


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