Interesting facts about Armenia

Armenia is an ancient country with an original culture and a deep history. Here are still venerable traditions, people surround incredible natural beauty, and local people are hospitable, as in the old days. Verily, Armenia is worthy to see her beauty with her own eyes at least once. And today we will tell you about the most interesting facts about this amazing country.1492536235_0.jpg

The world’s first textbook of arithmetic problems was compiled by the Armenian scientist, the sixth-century mathematician David the Invincible. A copy of this task book is stored in the Yerevan matenadaran (a repository of ancient manuscripts).

Many fruits are called in the place of their origin or the countries from which they came to us. For example, dates from Phenicia, peaches from Persia. But apricots in Europe for a long time were called Armenian apples or Armenian plums, since they spread there from Armenia.1492536280_2.jpgMount Ararat, which is a symbol of Armenia and is depicted on the arms of the country, is not located in Armenia. The territory of the mountain went to Turkey in 1921.

The first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion was Armenia.  In Byzantium there were twenty emperors-Armenians:

In Byzantium there were twenty emperors-Armenians.

Linguists call the Armenian alphabet one of the three most perfect in the world (along with Georgian and Korean). Remind that the author of the Georgian alphabet, as well as Albanian (agvan), is also Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian monk scientist who created the Armenian alphabet.

The Armenian language is the single language in the world in which the name of the Bible has a direct verbal relationship to God. The Bible in Armenian sounds “Astatsatshunch”, which is literally translated as “God’s Breath”.

The Armenian cognac is the only one in the world that for its quality has received the privilege of the French to be called cognac rather than brandy. It was the Armenian cognac that Winston Churchill preferred and Maxim Gorky literally sang.

The creators of the ancient Slavic alphabet Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius – sons of Levon (Byzantine emperor Leo V “Armenian”), students of Hovhannes Karakhan at the University of Magnaur – created an alphabet of 36 letters, as in the Armenian alphabet of Mesrop Mashtots, and not 24 letters, as in The Greek alphabet.


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